Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Fun

Our first halloween decorations...

Our new television for the "gameroom" aka: football central

John's Music Center

Gameroom couch with end tables - but still no coffee table. The drama continues - so they delievered our dining room furniture and one end table three weeks ago, and were supposed to deliver the rest on Saturday. When they showed up, they brought the same broken coffee table!! So we sent it back and we'll try again this weekend. I've been instructed to send it all back if they don't get it right on the third try.

This is what I found when getting out of the shower the other day.

This is what John sees everyday when he gets home.

Here is a shot of Maggie - looking really old.

Other notable highlights of the weekend - lets see... my Math mid-term is complete and I got a 100!! With some great support and guideance from my loving husband.
The yard got treated for brown patch... and I gave the girls baths... well Maggie got a haircut and a bath. It was actually really a nice day outside, and I enjoyed a little time in the sun/shade. Since I can't be in the sun much - I took my rays when I could and stayed on the patio for the rest of the time. Oh - and John put up some outdoor speakers for us - which is really cool. I was outside listening to the radio while he was able to be in the living room watching a game. Isn't technology great?

That's about it - I go in on Wednesday for my last bloodwork and tests before the pre-operative stuff at the hospital. Normally - you'd have to have bloodwork, an echocardiogram, and an ultrasound of your galbladder before you get scheduled for surgery. I just had an echocardiogram done a couple of months ago - so no need to redo that. The wonderful lady at Dr. Ferrari's office scheduled the surgery as long as I promised to have everything done as soon as I could. So anyway - I'll have that this week, and we'll be all set.

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