Friday, October 26, 2007

Good News

My doctor just called a few minutes ago to tell me that my pre-operative blood work has come back with some good news! My A1C (diabetic blood indicator) is at 6.8! For those of you that don't know - it's supposed to be at 6.0 or lower to have a healthy baby. So I'm already well on my way to getting that hurdle crossed.

My A1C in January was a 12.0 - so I've come a long way!! My doctor was really pleased with that, but now the fun begins... we'll start tapering off the medications in less than a month and see how my body reacts.

The only other news that he gave me was that my thyroid was borderline high - which he said can happen on one set of labs and be completely different the next time around. So he's going to give me some samples of a pill to take for that and we'll see what happens while I'm in the hospital or afterwards.

Overall - that is very good news - and about the first time I've gotten news from blood work like that in a long time... Have I mentioned that Dr. Weinstein is the best doctor I've ever seen in my life?!


  1. hey i saw your myspace page and saw that you had a blog while i was on their and when i was reading it today and saw that you mentioned Dr.Weinstein and i went to him to help me get pregnant last year and he is absolutely awesome we started with him in june and he found out what was really wrong with me (i had been miss diagnosed with pcos) and got me on the right medication and we did iui in early august and got pregnant i now have a 6 month old little boy and a couple of years ago i did no think it was even a possibility for me to get pregnant with the problems we were having
    i hope everything continues to go well for you and the you and you husband are able to acheive the wieght loss and conception like you want too

  2. Yeah! I have been thinking about ya. Way to go getting your numbers down. I'm sure that was not an easy task. Keep up the hard work (maybe it will be easier now that you know it's working.)

  3. Yay this is great great news!! Keep doing what you are doing!!
    P.S. I am going to steal some of Stacis chicken spaghetti ;)

  4. Great news! I am so glad everything is working out for you. Before long you will be holding a little sweet bundle and this will all be a distant memory!


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