Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mystery Solved

When I posted about my blood work results - I neglected to mention that I had one mystery result pop up... an elevated white blood cell count. Well, a few days have passed... and I now know exactly what that was all about. I've got a sinus infection and an ear infection! ARG! I've managed to work through it and at least haven't taken any time off - although with my surgery so close - I can't afford to take any extra time off!

My doctor once again was amazing and sent me on my way with some drugs to knock this out before my pre-op appointments next Friday. It seems so close... but yet so far at the same time. It's sort of surreal at this point.

The other surreal part about this - is when in your life other than a surgery of this type would people actually say the words "I'm so excited about your surgery" to you? It's comical to me. I'm excited about it too - but it just seems funny that there won't be many other times that you'll hear that.

We made it through our first Halloween in our house - we did have a few tricker treaters that were cute - John was hilarious about it. The first kids came before I got home from work - and they were pretty young - so naturally mister tough... wanted to give them all the candy we had! HA! He managed to make it through the night though and did really well. He didn't seem to know what everyone was though - I asked everytime he came back from the door and he never had an answer. Better luck next year that I'll feel well enough to participate. Maybe some of my students will come to the door? Who knows?!

Off to the couch for more rest - I hope to feel better by Saturday so that we can paint our dining room before our pre-Thanksgiving meal... in honor of my not being able to enjoy the holiday later this month. More about that to come...

OH - I almost forgot!! November is National Blogging Month and I'm going to try to write something everyday... anyone that wants to join in the fun can... I might have to cheat a little and write my posts for the 15th - 17th on paper and post them when I get home from the hospital... but I'll do my best.


  1. Its such a bummer to be sick. But I hope you feel well soon. And I am excited for your surgery as well ;) Well maybe not the surgery itself but the effects it will have on your Health. I think you are taking a major step forward and cant wait to see your development in the weeks to come!!

  2. Wow way not to freak out about the low white blood cell count and I am so glad it was nothing. AND I will be looking forward to more posts this month.(But just take care of yourself first.)


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