Friday, November 2, 2007


I'm going to get this one in just under the wire... but better late than never. Nothing much exciting to report today - work was really quiet. I think there might have been 6 of us in the office yesterday - was there a holiday that I didn't know about? My best friend in the office, Hope, took most of the week off - so naturally it made the days drag on for me. I did make it through though and it was my last full week of work before the surgery. I'm celebrating the small stuff at this point.

During my lunch hour I started reading a book that I bought last weekend. It's called "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies", and it gave me my first glimpse of doubt. Not so much doubting that this is the right proceedure for me, but just doubt about surgery in general. There was an entire chapter on complications - and while I know there are risks with any surgery - somehow yesterday they seemed much more real to me. Maybe not so much the immediate things that could happen while in the hospital - but things that could happen over time as a result of the surgery. They talk about people having had this surgery as being more likely to have things like Galstones or Obstructed Bowel.... neither of which seem appealing to me at all.

I guess both of those could happen even without the surgery - but prayers that I'll be one of the lucky ones that just goes on to have a healthy normal life are going up everytime I think about it.

Other than all of that - John and I went to buy the supplies to paint in the dining room last night. It was actually really easy and painless - we took the cushion from the breakfast room chairs to match the paint color with. Home Depot has the coolest deal now where you can color match stuff by bringing the sample and scanning it into a machine - then the machine tells you which color would be the best match. It worked really well, and we'll be painting tomorrow. I am a total dork too - I got so excited and amazed by the mixing machine that they use to make the various paint colors... that would have been a fun job to have had in high school... for like a day or so. I'm sure it wasn't as sophisticated 11 years ago, but the thought is nice... I would have liked that much better than being a hostess at The Blackeyed Pea!!

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