Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dog Tired

Wow... today has been crazy. I'll have to expand more tomorrow because I am so exhausted - I can barely move. A quick run down of the day - started at 6:00 with a run to Wal-Mart for groceries. At 9:00 John and I had a meeting with our pastor at the church about some major changes that I'll write about in another post. We left there and went to gather some Thanksgiving decorations for the house and then to a nursery for some trees. Our backyard only came with sod - so John wanted to get some trees planted for shade. We got the trees placed in the yard - which we're going to test out for a day or two before committing to the location. Hopefully John will get them planted next weekend while I'm at a training class for BeautiControl. We got the dining room painted and set up for lunch tomorrow, and made a couple of dishes for the meal. John's parents are bringing the turkey and major meal items. Which leads up to now and I am off to bed.

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