Monday, October 1, 2007

Lemon Law

Does the lemon law apply to people? If so - I'd like to get a refund on myself... I feel so much like a 95 year old these days - it's so much about my various ailments, and not enough acting like a normal 29 year old person. It gets depressing at times. I've got a week full of doctors appointments - well they bleed into next week too.

It seems that last Monday my body decided it has had enough of playing along... so my arms and legs started having periods of numbness and tingling. It's a very weird feeling too - my first thought was "I'm having a heart attack or a stroke" but I didn't really want to let on that I was scared that bad. I gave it a day to see if it was just a random thing for the day, but it wasn't - so I called my doctor.

He brought me in and since the surgeries are not happening as soon as orginally planned - we changed all my medicines, and he scheduled me to see a neurologist. I'm also having ultrasounds done of all my arms and legs to see if my blood is circulating properly.

I have the ultrasound tomorrow, and see the neurologist on Monday. In the meantime - I have an appointment with my nutritionist on Thursday... I'm sure that my boss is loving me right now!! Thank goodness he's going to Washington D.C. tomorrow and won't be around to actually see me gone. (He knows about the appointments, but out of sight - out of mind.)

I'll post updates as I know more.

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