Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Serenity Now...

As I sit here at work this morning - I'm reminded of that great line from George's Dad on Sienfeld... and boy could I use some of that today!!

My boss is a little over the edge - and as if it isn't enough to have an annual review... we have to go through a quarterly review now too. So this month - I've got to endure both of those meetings!!

I hope that it's not the same for everyone out there, but reviews really get to me. At least in the places that I've had them - it's been really tough. I come from a family that has a very strong work ethic, and I consider myself an above average employee. However, when these meetings come around - I am reduced to an average person.

Part of it is the type of boss you have that is giving the review - I know John's boss rocks and basically does whatever he can to help John get the biggest raise he possibly can. Pablo values John and knows that he brings a lot to the team there that they might not find in somone else. My boss on the other had is very quantifiable in nature - so if your goal is to do 50 of something... no matter what was thrown at you on top of that or the million of other factors involved... if you did 49 - you didn't meet the goal. If you did 51 then you did.

To me the workplace isn't quite as black and white... and somethings are all in the eye of the beholder. So it's tough to swallow at times, but as usual - I'll get through it and move on...

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