Sunday, October 7, 2007

Perfect Compliments

The title of this message will be more understandable later in the post, but first I wanted to post a couple of cute pics from the weekend.

The October Birthday kids in my family.
(from left one of our 2 neices named Taylor, my little sister Gabby,
my little brother Josh, and up top - our neice Brittany)

Here the kids are blowing out their candle - Lynne (in the back) is another October Birthday.
John's Dad and our brother-in-law Kevin round out the month of October for us.
Other pictures from the big birthday extravaganza.
Poor sock-legged Maggie
Maggie & Missy got manicures and pedicures today, and I accidentally clipped one of Maggie's nails to short. After stopping the bleeding - we put a sock on her leg just in case she had a little more bleeding... we thought it looked pretty funny - so I had to share.

For those of you that know - I am taking a math class in order to complete my elementary teacher certification for next year, and it REALLY wasn't going well at first. Well, my loving husband has gratiously endured with me on my first two assignments and we've gotten 2 A's! Which leads me to a philosophical moment - you know the saying "Great Minds Think Alike"... I think that really the best combination is to take two people with very different strengths, and put them together - they can handle anything.
I am not a mathmetician by any means of the imagination, but John really excels in this area - so he is able to help me in ways that are unimaginable with my class. I owe him so much for all of his support and love with my dream to change careers... He has supported me every step of the way, but this time he's really going the extra mile to help me make sure that I pass this course.
In case you missed my point for this post... MY HUSBAND ROCKS! (and he's very handsome too!!) (oh - and don't forget the singing... he rocks at singing too!) (ok - last one - he's got tallent with various instruments as well.)

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