Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Better Than Yesterday

Today is better than yesterday was, but there are still signs of nervousness. I think that one of the biggest problems is fear of the unknown. I am one of those people that makes things much worse in my head than they could possibly ever actually be... and that makes my anxiety really high.

I was thinking on my way into work today that I really am not looking forward to going to my BeautiControl class on Saturday... but then I realized that at the very least it is something that will keep my mind occupied for at least 7 hours. Then I plan on getting a haircut on my way home - so that will take my mind off of it for a little while longer... so that actually will be a good thing!

Sunday will be church, and if nothing else - in the afternoon - I can probably curl up on the couch in the game room and watch Lifetime Movie Network all day and be fine. I don't know why - but I don't really obsess as much about it at home as I do at work. Maybe it's because at work all I am doing is getting everything wrapped up to be gone for the surgery and it stays in the forefront of my mind all day. Either way - thank goodness I only have 4 days left!

The downtime is what gets me - so all I'll have to worry about is entertaining my brain on Wednesday next week while I'm at home waiting for my Mom's flight. I will have some packing and probably some cleaning to get done before I pick her up, but it will be a tough day because of only being allowed clear liquids for the entire day. It's only one day though - so I can do it and then I won't be hungry for a very long time... 6 months to a year from what I've been told.

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