Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hybernation Syndrome

First off, I have to laugh at one of my dogs... I let them out today to play while I worked out, and when I came downstairs to let them in... this is what I found Missy doing. She was sunning her belly... wonder if dogs can get sunburns?! She cracks me up!

Let me start off by saying that yesterday I felt so great that I didn't even really want to go to bed at my normal bedtime... I found myself talking and keeping John awake because I actually wasn't tired yet. This never happened before surgery - in fact - we were lucky up at the end if I could manage to keep myself awake past about 8:30 every night.

Today however, is a different story. I did all the same things -30 minute workout, ate all my meals... even had more protein than yesterday... but tonight - I am really struggling to stay awake.

I am really worried that I'm going to get hybernation syndrome right as I go back to work. Hybernation syndrome is a documented condition within patients that have had weight loss surgery where the patient's body begins to think that it is in starvation mode and tries to shut itself down to conserve energy. You basically have to push through it by exercising and keeping up your protein to push your body through it and on down the path to recovery. I've never been really good at the mind over matter stuff that has come up in my life, and I hate to think of having to push through feeling bad while going back to work. It's going to be hard enough to end my nice time off and get back to the grind without having to be exhausted on top of that.

I guess only time will tell if it's truly hybernation syndrome - I've been very lucky up to this point and things have gone really well and have been very easy for me... so lets pray that I'm just tired tonight and it's an isolated incident.

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