Friday, November 30, 2007

I Can Drive!!

Today was great on several levels:

1) A good follow up appointment with my surgeon - everything is healing well, and looks good.

2) I can now eat soft-solid foods... so veggies, cottage cheese, cheese in general, fish, fruit, and other things are now a part of my diet... I still can't have chicken, bread, rice, beef or pasta, but at least I've reached one more milestone.

3) I now can drive again... which means I'm free!! Seriously, though - I probably won't drive any more than I have to for a while still - it's not the most comfortable thing. John offered to drive me to work and pick me up for the next week, but we'll see... I'd hate to impose on him and his carpool for no reason.

4) My sugars and blood pressure still continue to come down and get better. I can't wait to get off of my diabetes meds... they are terrible. Right now I have to crush them and try to take them with a "shot" of cranberry juice... still discusting and it takes me a few minutes to recover and make sure that they aren't going to come back up... but hopefully this won't last to long.

5) I made it through the entire month of the blog challenge!! I actually enjoyed sharing a little about everyday, and probably will still do it as often as I can - it's very therapeutic for me, and will serve as a great reminder next year of how far I've come in my health.

From here - I go back to work on Monday. I'm not particularly excited about it, but I guess it's time for me to come back to the land of the productive... but I hope that I still can manage to work out everyday like I'm supposed to and not be to exhausted. I know that I can count on John to help me - so that is good. If it's all I can do for the first week - I hope to work and get my excercise in before I go to bed... I might be in bed at 8 each night, but it will get better as time goes on!

My weight loss was confirmed by the doctor's office, and that was a great feeling - I'll be sure to update that every Thursday, and after the fourth week - I'll post my losses in measurements.

We hope to get some decorating done for Christmas this weekend, so I'll post pictures when it's ready for everyone to see... it'll be proof that I'm a snowman freak... but oh well - that's the fun of the season.

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  1. Congrats on the driving! My surgery was the 19th, and I've been driving since day 7! Not being housebound is a wonderful thing. My mom wouldn't drive my car unless it was an emergency.

    Glad to see you're doing so well! I'm excited to watch your progress. Go us!


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