Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back to Work

Well, the weekend didn't quite turn out as planned. The decorations didn't make it to completion, but we did get the outside done. We started on Saturday by going to gather all our supplies for decking out the house, but as the day progressed - I came down with a cold. We made it home by about 1 or so and worked on the oustide decorations until 4:30 or 5... and by then I was completely wiped... I can't even say that I remember much else from Saturday. Needless to say - I made an early retreat to bed, and as colds often do... it went from bad to worse.

Sunday morning was really bad - when we woke up - I knew something wasn't quite right... but I tried to get up and start my morning routine of taking my crushed up meds with a "shot" of cranberry juice... but that's when I knew something was wrong... I hadn't really thought about it before, but whenever you get a cold and have sinus or any type of nasal congestion - where does it all drain to over the course of the night? Your stomach... well when your stomach only holds somewhere between 2-4 ounces... something has to give... so anyway - I started feeling some nausea. It's pretty critical that I do everything possible to not have any actual vomiting these days, so John rushed out to get me some nose spray to clear up the congestion and drainage.

The rest of Sunday pretty much was napping, and resting on the couch - neither of us felt well, and we sadly didn't make it to church. I was a little bummed because it was our first day at our new church, and they were making a big deal about Fellowship of Houston joining The Met. I've heard great things about the day, and I know that everyone knows we were there in spirit.

Its now Tuesday, and I'm on the mend from the cold - still a little bit of it hanging on, but I certainly feel better than I did this weekend! If the weather would cooperate - we'd all be doing great! This mess with it being in the 30's at night one day and then two days later being in the 80's... is nuts!!

Ok, so back to my update... I've made it through half of my second day back at work, and things here haven't changed... same headaches and craziness spewing all over. I've pretty much stayed quiet and in my little cubicle - which I guess is different than normal for me because one of my work friends has asked me 100 times if I'm mad at her or something... I don't know if it's the cold or if it's something else... but I just feel very disconnected right now - sort of like I'm not in my body but just watching my life from the sidelines... I guess like an out of body experience. I'm sure it's just the adjustment of being back at work and trying to keep up with my food, vitamins, water, and job duties too... Calgon... take me away... (I hope everyone remembers that commercial and gets my reference!)


  1. Kim,
    I am so sorry you were sick. Its a bummer for sure. We sure did miss you Saturday and Sunday. You guys were the first couple Dustin and I missed, and wondered where you were. But you have a good enough excuse ;) I hope you get well quickly and get back into the groove of work..

  2. Oh Kim. Yuck! No fun to be sick especially when you were just going back to work. I am glad you are on the mend.


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