Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One Week & Struggling

Today marks my first week post surgery, and I find myself so sick of chocolate protein shake - I told John that I'd actually rather paint it on the walls of our house than eat any more of it. I honestly don't mind at all the fact that I can't eat much or that I'm honestly not hungry at all - EVER! The thing that gets me is that my doctor has said that the best plan is to get one of those shakes down every day... and my husband takes these words to heart. He is doing his best to make sure that I do exactly that, but what this means for me is that chocolate shake in 2 ounce portions is all I've had since I got home from the hospital. The only break I've had so far has been that I've made it clear that at least one of my 6 meals a day is going to be something different - and for the past few days I've had one meal of 2 0unces of cream of chicken soup. Aparently I can get about 5-6 meals out of one can of soup so I'm stuck with this for two more days before I switch to something new.

I'm pretty strict on the 2 ounce or 1/4 cup portion size because I tried to eat 1/3 cup of soup and actually made myself nauseous! Unreal... but so very true. So until I get the slightest bit of hunger pains - I'm not changing my portion sizes. We're avoiding nausea and vomitting at all costs!!

Poor John though, I actually begged to be allowed to eat a little filling from a pumpkin pie with some whipped cream tomorrow. He of course talked me off the ledge, and I won't do it - for fear of having to go to the ER in Brenham if something went wrong... but the idea sure sounded solid in my head when I brought it up.

Alas - 8 more days until I can have pureed foods, and I'm counting down now!! I'm already dreaming of things that I can make into my own personal baby food...

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  1. Hang in there girl... the adjustment takes time! Keep the positive attitude!


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