Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Few Pics

This picture is not so much for the blog world - but more for me. I want to remember how my stomach looked after surgery - how little was actually done to make so many changes to my life. So if it grosses you guys out - I'm very sorry, but this one is actually for me. :-)

This photo is a shot of my wrist where a crazy nurse took blood before my surgery. Before I ever entered the operating room - I had this huge bruise... I should have slapped her, and for the record I did complain A LOT about the pain - but she did it anyway... next time I'm going to get tougher!

This is the rug that my Mom bought for our entry way - it's really pretty and combines all the colors that are being used in the dining room and kitchen - so it's really going to be great when we get the paint on the walls in the kitchen. Of course that is on hold until I can get recovered and get some strength, but I can imagine it in my mind and I can't wait until everyone else sees what I see already.

A picture of our entry way - the entry table is the one that we bought on Monday. It really looks nice, and adds a great finishing touch to our entry way. The only thing we're planning now is a mirror to hang above the table. I put my new Heartwood Creek angel on the table for now, but it's going to be beautiful when John is able to dig out our other peices from the collection. :-)

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