Monday, November 19, 2007

Out and About

Today brought me lots of exercise or at least what has become my excercise since I can't move very fast yet. I had a doctors appointment this morning with my regular doctor - he was checking in on my blood pressure and diabetes. If you can believe it - I'm already down to 3 prescriptions!! Just two for my blood sugar and one for my blood pressure - I'm to crush them and take them... then fax my blood pressure and blood sugar results to the doctor on Monday.

From the doctor's office - John drove over to get a new battery for my watch - I've been wearing it for like a year with it being dead, but my hero has fixed it at last. I also have been needing new tires - so he stopped in at Sears to price them because we saw a commercial that they were having a sale on Friday. The quote made John laugh - so it looks like we'll be going with Discount Tire or Wal-Mart and their previous quotes.

We went to The Great Indoors next to get an entry table - we found a great one on sale - so when it gets put up - I'll post a picture. My Mom bought us an entry rug while I was in the hospital - so our entry way is getting fixed up. I can't wait to get my Heartwood Creek nativity set put up for the Christmas season.

I also had some coupons for Best Buy so we swung through there to get some movies for my recovery. I now have, Shrek 3, Licence to Wed, Spiderman 3, Evan Almighty, Wyatt Earp (Dennis Quaid version) and something else to watch. Reviews will come as we watch.

Our final stop for the day was to our new HEB/Central Market store that opened about a month or so ago. Let me tell you first that it is the most interesting and liberating thing to go to a store and have absolutely NO interest in food. I did look around though and found some things that will be good for when I start eating solid food again... and I checked out the baby food section for a few items as well. We mainly went there because HEB has a product called Mootopia which is a milk based product where they take out some of the extra sugars and add protein - so I'll be using that to make my shakes for the next week or two. We really liked the store and it was packed! Everyone was there getting their stuff for Thursday... it's sort of nice that we won't be doing any cooking or spending for Thanksgiving - but by next year I'll be ready!!

That pretty much wraps up my day - I came home, had my 1/4 cup of shake, and went straight in to take a nap! After two hours of napping - I'm ready to go again!

I can't wait until Thursday's post because I'm going to have some amazing news on my weight loss - the numbers are already staggering, but I only want to post weekly so that there isn't as much up and down as I've seen in my everyday weighing.

I'm going to post a picture of my tummy (tomorrow) too because most people are shocked at how little was done to my skin, but so much was able to be done to my organs!


  1. You just had MAJOR SURGERY-- Rest you crazy girl!! Glad you are feeling so good.

  2. I can't wait to watch you shrink!!!


  3. What a day. Your excitment for you new life just shines though your post.


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