Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving & Arson

Our Thanksgiving was nice, although once again I really wanted to chew something very badly... but I made it through another day! Only 7 more days to go...

We spent the day at my sister's house in Brenham and enjoyed lots of fun and laughs. We always take a few moments to go around the adult table telling everyone the things that we are most thankful for from the following year. Somehow this year it was both sentimental and very hysterical... the men were all thankful for their marriages, which is a long and very funny story.

Basically we started with my brother-in-law, Robert, and my sister was coaching him in the things that he was thankful for which we all found hysterical. So then it became a joke with all the men... maybe you had to be there.... but it was quite funny.

We ended up getting home at about 8:30 or so, let the girls out in the backyard, and noticed that our neighbors behind us had a fire going on the ground in their yard. John walked over to sneak a look at it, and it was on the ground about 3-4 feet from the fence. At the time it wasn't very big so we let them be, and went on with our evening.

I was fairly tired after the events of the day, and went to bed at about 9:30 or 9:45. While getting settled in the bed (not an easy task these days) I began to notice an orange glow and flickering coming through the windows of our bedroom. Shortly after I started hearing loud banging coming from the neighbors. I initially thought that the fire was getting out of control and that they were trying to put it out. I was wrong though, John came in at about 10:15 and asked if I would be mad if he called the Sherrif's Department.

Anyone that knows me well knows about my fear of house fires, so of course I didn't care... so John called the Sherrif's Department. After explaining the situation and trying to give specific details about where the house in question was... at about 10:30 the fire truck pulled up at our house. John went out to tell them that it was actually the house behind us that they were intended to go to, but while the truck turned around and went to that house - one of the firemen went through our backyard. He climbed up on the fence and started talking to the people... very quickly the fire was put out and the fireman jumped the fence. It was about another 10 minutes or so before the truck pulled away... and I started back to bed.

John asked me to arm the alarm before going to bed, and I went toward the laundry room and noticed a big white light being shined on our front porch. It was a Sherrif's Deputy looking for our house, but for a split second - I thought we were under seige! (HA!) The officer just wanted to make sure that every thing was alright - so John explained what happened and he went on about his evening.

It ended up an exciting night - and I finally made it back to bed at around 11...

P.S. Yes, I am cheating a little and posting this story early this morning... but it's a much more interesting post than I would have had last night before going to bed!

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