Friday, November 23, 2007

Crazy Shopping

So I'm going to nickname today the Craziest Shopping Day of the Year. I know that typically it is called the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year, but for someone like me... crazy is more of a fit.

For starters - I absolutely loathe going to the mall on any occasion, being that I need exercise more than anything else these days - I decided to go with Susan and John's Mom for the afternoon while John and his Dad watched the A&M and ut game. (the u and the t are in small letters on purpose)

I think that the entire population of Northwest Houston was at Willowbrook Mall today, and can I just say that most of them are really SCARY looking? I'm not going to get off on this soap box, but I can't imagine letting my children go out in public looking a fraction like most of the kids I saw at the mall today. Whew! Do they look in the mirror?

So anyway, I made it through at least 4 hours at the mall - and I only know that because I eat every two hours now and I had two meals while we were gone. I made the one purchase that would warrant me having to go to a mall during this season, and I am done! All the rest of my purchases can be made at individual stores... thank goodness!

I completely forgot to mention in my post for yesterday about my weight loss for the first week post surgery... 10 pounds! I know that I had lost that much when I got home from the hospital, but John reminded me that I was dehydrated at that point. Which means that I have been able to rehydrate myself and get a true 10 pound weight loss.

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