Saturday, November 24, 2007

Movie Reviews

Since today has been rainy and unbearably cold... (feeling cold is a very new thing for me) John and I have stayed in today. John built a fire for me starting early this morning, and I've stayed close to it all day.

I recorded a couple of movies on my DVR yesterday, and cuddled into the couch to watch them today. Both were really cute movies, and had some Christmas notes to them so it was a nice way to begin the holiday season.

The Last Holiday

This was the first one that I watched today with Queen Latifa, and it really was a cute movie. In the movie Queen Latifa plays a lady that is diagnosed with a terminal illness and decides to live out her time living life to the fullest. Great message about living life and not taking it for granted, and the indulgences that she took were fun to watch. Things that we all have thought about doing from time to time, but don't because of various health reasons. For instance one time during her stay at a fabulous resort in Prague - she went to dinner at the hotel's fine restaurant and orders all of the chef's specials for the night - which was like 8 meals... hillarious!

The Holiday

This movie was really good with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet - along with Jude Law and Jack Black. I really enjoyed it! In this one Cameron Diaz lives in L.A. in a fabulous house, and Kate Winslet lives in a small cottage in England - they switch houses for two weeks. Lots of fun things happen while they are staying at each other's homes, but they learn a lot about their own lives and end up being better people for having made their switch. A very good movie - if you haven't seen it - I'd highly reccomend it to you.

Both movies are playing on Showtime this month - so if you have that channel - check them out!


  1. It's funny you say that... being cold is very new for me as well. I have actually put my light windbreaker on at work several times since my surgery. My friends/co-workers look at me crazy cause they KNOW how I am, usually always running my little fan... very funny.


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