Sunday, November 25, 2007


So the title for this post isn't much - but right now that is the most beautiful word I have seen in a while. I am still struggling through this liquid phase of my surgery recovery, but I ventured out to the grocery store with John tonight only to find something new that might have saved this week for me... baked potato soup. I know it's nothing big, but for someone has only eaten bland protein shakes and cream of chicken soup for days... baked potato soup might be a pot of gold to me tonight. HA! I bought it at this fabulous HEB/Central Market store that just opened a few weeks ago - which let me tell you as I rediscover food - you might hear about some other treasures that I find there in the coming weeks.

I brought the soup home and put it through the blender... and it was the best thing I've ever tasted! Finally, a little flavor for my life! I could probably go on for days about how good that tasted, but I'll spare you guys.

I also bought a few other new things to try this week, I got some Weight Watchers Yogurt (it didn't seem to have any chunks), and some baby food apple sauce. A friend of mine also told me that baby food mac & cheese wasn't half bad - so I got a jar of that to try as well.

At the end of this week I will get to broaden my food choices, and try some more new things - I'll move into the pureed or soft solid food stage - so any ideas from you readers out there would be welcomed. I can eat just about anything that is at least slightly mushy. I'm trying to keep my sugars down though - so I'm only dabbling in fruit right now... we'll see how it goes and take it from there.

I do have a request though from my lovely devoted readers... I have grown up as a land-dweller, and have NEVER liked seafood. The first solid protein that I can try starting this weekend though is fish... and I need some recipes for white fish... I'm looking for things that will be tasty, but that your kids would eat. I am really opposed to fish, but am giving it a try - so this is tough for me... and it REALLY can't smell like fish. Any ideas? Email them to me or post comments...