Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Photos

My little sister (Gabby), neice (Brittany), and another neice (Taylor) watching movies before dinner on Thanksgiving.

My little brother, Josh, watching movies with the girls.

Dad & Lynne waiting for dinner.

Me, my brother-in-law (Robert), step-mother (Lynne), and neice (Megan) getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast!

My sister, Cathi, the head chef in the family.

The three older children in the family - in reverse birth order - Me, Cindy & Cathi

Brittany & John pushing the little ones on the swing.

More fun outside after dinner on Thanksgiving.

John built our first fire at the house on Friday - it was really cold in Houston, and the fire helped us stay warm while watching football!

Our youngest neice, Brooklyn, gets a kiss from her Mommy after we returned from our "Black Friday" trip to the mall.

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