Monday, December 10, 2007

Full Disclosure

I feel like it's time that I actually share how far I have to go on the journey. So I've put a tracker at the top of my post - and I just realized that my first progress pictures are due this week. Wow, it's hard to believe that it'll be a month ago on Thursday! I'll also be taking my measurements on Thursday to see how they've changed during this first month... so hopefully we'll have some really interesting news this week!

It's very humbling to me though to admit that I've got 167 pounds to reach my "goal" and I say it that way because I really don't know what my official goal is. It might change as we go through this process together... because I don't know what my body looks like when it gets into normal ranges, and that makes picking a number just a totally random thing. I know that I'll feel really good at any number close to this goal, but my main focus is on the BMI because that is how we're really supposed to focus... so I'm going to look between now and Thursday to see if I need to adjust it down some more to get my BMI goal to what is considered a healthy weight. I want to make sure that by the end of this - I'm no longer considered obese, morbidly or otherwise... I don't even want to be considered overweight... I want to be considered healthy and normal.

Maybe that is to much to strive for, but until I hit a level that is where my body decides to stick... I've got to shoot for something, and it might as well be a lofty goal... right?

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  1. I agree ! Looks as though you had your surgery 2 weeks to the day prior to mine.. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I wasn't sure what goal to set for myself either. My main goal or priority is to get my diabetes under control and to reduce the need for my meds and to rid myself of my sleep apnea... I am super excited for what the future holds.

    Good luck to you !


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