Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Official Grade Posted

It's finally official and over... we got an A in my math class!! WHA-HOO! I am so thrilled to be done with that class - I can't even put it into words. Now I'll have to submit my grades to I Teach Texas for review, and then they will release me to take the certification exam for Kindergarten through 4th grade generalist. Generalist means that I'll be certified to teach all four of the core subjects... but my focus will be on getting a job teaching Language Arts & Social Studies. The only way I'm teaching all of them is if I get a job teaching 1st or 2nd grade - which would be perfectly fine with me too.

My mentor though wanted to try me out in 4th grade because that is when the kids begin to be tested on writing with their state exams... and with my writing background - she thought that it would be a perfect fit for me.

Speaking of writing - I've got to get back to cranking out my writing assignments for that course... hopefully I'll get back to that in a couple of weeks, but its starting to look like the first of the year since I'm pretty much booked between now and January!

I can't believe it all snuck up on me like this - but I guess two weeks surgery recovery will do that to you during the holiday season. Anyway - I've officially got on weekend to crank out all my shopping and get that situated... then Christmas weekend is upon us... and right after that I'll be having a family get together with my Dad and siblings for our holiday celebration. It's crazy - but it will all be fun!

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  1. Congrats! God, I hated math with a passion! That is actually why I never got my AA degree. I took all the courses that interested me and just could not bring myself to conquer the math!


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