Friday, December 14, 2007

Blue Days of Winter

I don't know what to say about the ticker at this point - as it hasn't really moved in two weeks. I can't tell you guys how unbelieveably sad that makes me... not to mention it makes me wonder if I did all of this for nothing. I know it's completely irrational and that my body is probably just in shock, but I still am feeling like I went through all of this just to get the same result that I've gotten from every diet program that I've tried over the years.

I should be feeling some happiness from the fact that my measurements are dropping, but something is just really hanging me up on the scale. Maybe it's the fact that things moved so much in the initial days after the surgery - and I'm sure my body is just in shock, but COME ON!!!! I need to see some movement from the stupid hunk of metal sitting on the bathroom floor!!

The results of my monthly measurements are as follows:
Chest: -3 inches
Waist: -2 inches
Lower Abdomen: -4 inches (I think this might have been taken in a different location last time)
Hips: -2 inches
Neck: -1.25 inches
Left Thigh: no change
Right Thigh: no change
Left Calf: -1.5 inches
Right Calf: -1 inch
Left Ankle: -.25 inch
Right Ankle: -.5 inch
Left Bicep: -1 inch
Right Bicep: -1 inch
Left Forearm: -1 inch
Right Forearm: no change

Some of those measurements might seem excessive, but I'm following a chart that I got from a support group online - so I just went with it. That's a total of 18.5 inches in a month, and I really should be happy about it - and deep down - I am... I just am feeling crummy about the scale right now.