Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shopping Galore!

This weekend was certainly a whirl-wind of stores and shopping. We completed a lot of our shopping with just a few little odds and ends to be picked up this week and finished by Saturday. Everything has to ship to Midland tomorrow for my Mom and family there... and that will really be a weight off my shoulders... I really stressed to make sure that I got everything for them this weekend.

All the kids in our life are set and ready for Christmas to come... we've completed the shopping for them. All that is left really is my Dad, Lynne, and John... I think... we might have a couple of little things on top of that, but honestly it's not much at all.

Susan's birthday is Friday, and that starts our Christmas festivities... we'll be having the family over at some point this weekend (I think) to celebrate... otherwise we'll go out - which will be my first outing to a restaurant. Actually, that's not true, but it will be the first one that is out of my control. I've got a company Christmas luncheon on Wednesday, but they called the chef for me to have them make something special for me.

Anyway - we'll be having the family to our house either Friday night or Saturday, and John is sure excited - he loves for people to come see our house all decorated for the holidays. I've got a wonderful lady coming to clean the house on Saturday too - which we hope will remain clean through the week and look nice for when my Dad and siblings get here the following Friday.

Is it just me - or does it always seem like the holidays go by so quickly?! I know that it's the same every year, but sometimes it just takes me by surprise that everything happens within a matter of a week. The nice thing is that my last entertaining happens on a Sunday evening and I've got Monday and Tuesday to recover. I tend to be one of those that goes and goes (even when my body says to stop) until I end up getting sick - so a couple of extra days to rest will be nice before heading back to work.


  1. wow. Sounds like you are busy busy. I agree the holidays sure seem to fly by. I hope you have a fantastic time with your family.

  2. I agree as well, the holidays fly by. I can't believe it will be here in a week! Cherish every moment of it!!!

  3. I totally agree about the holidays. I think we just have so much prep involved and in comparison with all the time it takes to get ready, they are over mega-fast!

  4. You way better off on your Christmas shopping than I am this year. GOOD FOR YOU !!! I don't really have alot to buy for so it shouldn't be that bad.


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