Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pain in the neck

Well, yesterday started out as a crazy day - John woke up with a severe pain in his neck and shoulder. I went in to work late so that I could get him in to see our doctor - which really was a big help. Our fabulous doctor is not only an internist, but he's also get some specialized training in muscular and skeletol techniques - so he was able to apply some pressure to John's neck and stretch it out for him some.

From there - I went to work, and had a normal day... but dinner was a new experience for me last night... John fixed my first fish dinner. I have to say that it wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't horrible either. He put it in a packet of foil with some olive oil, lemons, onions and capers... it was a successful dinner for a rookie fish eater.

This morning was my first support group meeting, and that was a great experience as well - lots of really interesting ladies there. All of them are more experienced and much farther into their recovery than I am, but at the same time a lot of them seem to have had more problems than I have had. My regular doctor was the speaker today and he talked to us about bone density - I hope to have my bone density tested soon... it was a great talk with lots of good points about bone health and calcium... for everyone out there taking calcium - make sure that it has vitamin D in the supplement as well - it is the key to actually absorbing the calcium.

After my meeting John and I headed to our good friends, Robby and Sarah, house... it was their daughter, Abby's first birthday party today. Sarah is really creative and did several neat things for the party - she had everyone bring an item for us to create a time capsule for Abby to open when she turns 18... such a great idea! I didn't get the memo about that, but will get her something very soon for the capsule. She also created a special Christmas tree in their upstairs loft for Abby, and had all the guests of the party paint ornaments for Abby's tree. It was a really fun idea, and it was really interesting to see how creative everyone can be. It was a really good party - and we were really glad to be able to share in the special day with such wonderful friends.

We are 100% going to finish our Christmas decorating tomorrow - so I will get some photos when the house is finished and post our winter wonderland for all to see... it's really a snowman wonderland... but hopefully no one out there in blog-land is being that technical!


  1. Hi Kim! Just found you and am glad to hear that you are doing so well post-op! I am still a couple of month pre-op, so I am eating up any RNY blogs I can find! I look forward to reading more about your experience!
    My blog, in case you are in any way interested is

  2. Hey there... sorry, I missed the meeting. :( Ticks me off!! No real excuse, except that my family couldn't get it together. Instead I gave up and went to Yoga! LOL

  3. That was a great idea, very creative and will leave something for her to look back on in future years. Very cool


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