Friday, January 25, 2008's cold!

Ok - I know that some of my blog friends live in really cold places... but for Houston it's miserable right now... and truly - you'll get your revenge on the temp thing this summer because Michigan and places like that are mild in the summers compared to the unbearably humid days when it's over 100 degrees outside.

Anyway - it's been rainy and cold since Monday - I'm really in need of a little sunshine just to brighten my spirits... but that's not on tap for us for a few more days. There might be a small break tomorrow - so I will hopefully be able to sit outside and do some studying for my test.

Tonight, we had some mexican food and are relaxing by a fire... watching Spiderman 3. It's a nice change to the rest of the weekly grind... so I'm totally digging the warmth and mindless movie. I didn't even eat badly - I had a tostada which was like a very small taco salad without the shell. I ate about half of it and John finished it for me... but it was tasty!

The movie is just okay... I don't really remember being very into the first two either, but John likes this action stuff - so occasionally I suffer through for him... tomorrow I'll make him watch The Waitress or Harry Potter with me. We've still got a stack of movies from Christmas to get through...

We watched Shrek the Third last week, and it was pretty cute - I absolutely love that the studios are now adding adult jokes to cartoons - at least if we have to sit through them - we can get a laugh too, right? I watched the first 15 minutes when my little brother and sister were here, and it was such an interesting experience - because they laughed at the same parts as me, but for different reasons. It's like they make Shrek burp at the same time they have a character say something whitty and funny... so everyone is happy. I looooove good writing like that.


  1. I totally agree! I love the more adult jokes they are putting in kid's films these days!

    I hate the cold with a passion and dread winter! Every other season is fine, but winter? Forget it! I've been doing some movie watching as well and have been enjoying it. We got a few months free HBO so I've gotten to see such things as "The Devil Wears Prada", "The Guardian" and some horse film that I can't recall the name at the moment, but I loved it. I've always had a soft spot for the horses and one day I'm gonna ride one...and not fall off.

  2. My mom's on a business trip in Texas right now and shivering her tuckas off! It's even a bit chilly here in Florida this weekend... (well, to us anyways).

    Mexican food, mmmm. I wonder if there's a Mexican food protein shake. Gah!

  3. Have you ever been to Michigan in the summer? It's hot (sometimes over 100) and super humid. Blech!


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