Sunday, January 20, 2008

Church Home?

As most of you know - our church (Fellowship of Houston) was absorbed into a large "mega" church in the area called The Met - this happened about the time of my surgery, but I was able to attend our last service on December 2nd. John and tried going to the new church, but it just didn't feel like it would ever be the place that we'd call home... after going to somewhere as special as FOH was - you just can't get excited about becoming one in 5,000 people in a single worship service. We are used to being one in about 200 (or less) and loved the feeling of family that the smaller setting provided... not to mention the accountability of being noticed when there or not there.

All of that being said - we might have found a new church home this morning. We attended a church plant that is currently meeting at a local YMCA campus, but has a solid plan for when they'll decide to buy land or build their own buildings... it seems that they have a great foundation. The church's current name is Church of the Bridgelands, but they are in the process of changing their name to Cypress Family Fellowship. The pastor, Kevin was funny and engaging... not to mention he spent the time to talk to us both before and after the service to get our story and to find out what we thought of the service. He also came over to talk to us briefly during the music just to tell us that he was glad we were there. If that doesn't make you feel welcome and special - I don't know what would.

His message today was both practical, but also full of scripture - and he was hilarious when making his point. It was a great message that I enjoyed listening to - which I haven't felt in a while. Certainly not when I was visiting The Met - I just couldn't get engaged there by their pastor, and I really need that - I need someone that keeps me engaged and entertained or I will lose focus and not catch the message for the day.

They are starting a new series right now talking about money - which they are accompanying with Financial Peace University as a small group program. We've already taken FPU, but it's never bad to hear the principals of the course again...

I think it was a very successful day for us spiritually, and I am actually excited about going back next week. They are in the process of registering for their Women's Retreat, and it actually sounds like fun... if only I didn't have this crazy issue with social anxiety!! I would really love to go, but I wonder if I know anyone that would want to go with me - just so that I'm not quite as uncomfortable as I would be going alone... that just makes me more shy!!


  1. Although I wish you loved the MET, I hope you find exactly what you are looking for in a church!

  2. Church stuff can be hard work! We have been without a pastor now for two and a half years and our church endured a very painful split about two years ago. We are now a congregation of just under 100 with our second interim pastor, who is just aweful! I love her as a person, but she cannot give a sermon to save her life. I keep sticking it out because it has been my church for so long and the people there now truly feel like family (well, most of them).

    I'm glad you found one you like!

  3. Church changes are the worst! I'm still reeling from a church split that happened about 3 YEARS ago... still haven't found a new place to call home. I'm just sort of a wandering, worshiping, vagabond! So if you've found the right place... a huge congrats!!

  4. So, today is catching up on my blog reading day...Yes, their are noticiable changes in your pictures. congrats! And, I would have never thought of you as shy, but I guess looking back on our first meeting at La Madeline, Mel and I did do all of the talking. I think i wondered if we scared you!!!

  5. Hi Kim! I sure hope you're planning on going to the retreat because I would love to meet you!
    I'm hoping and praying God will be at work in all of our hearts!
    In His vast love, libba


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