Monday, January 21, 2008

Craziness Ensues

Well, it's another cold & wet day in paradise... or whatever you want to call it. One of those days that you just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head - and sleep it away. What a blissful way to get through a Monday, right?

Nothing much is going on here today - just more of the same at work, although no one has bothered me to much today. There is this one girl who offices not to far from me though - she drives us all crazy. She's getting married in April, and asks 100 questions of every married woman in the office... and she spends the whole day on the phone dealing with her wedding stuff. I guess today I'm particularly discusted with her because I heard her on the phone earlier complaining that one of her shower's isn't being held at a nice enough restaurant. Call me crazy, but isn't it normal and gracious to just be happy with whatever your friends are willing and able to provide for you? I just can't imagine...

So let me leave you with a funny story from last night: As it was a cold day - John built a fire and kept it going for me pretty much all afternoon. (Since the surgery - I can't seem to get warm enough!!) I went to bed around 9:30 or so (don't judge me - we get up at 5!!) and John stayed up to let the fire die down some more before going to sleep. Well, he must have come to bed at about 10... and at about 10:30 - I hear him scream and jump out of the bed...running for the living room. I'm really groggy...but I roll over and see the whole living room is lit up with this orange glow. Missy (one of our dogs) takes off running and barking after John, and I'm still in bed trying to unravel myself from the covers and call her back out of the way... I make it into the living room, and the last log that was in the fireplace was completely ablaze... but enclosed in within the fireplace and glass doors. After a huge sigh of relief - we go back to bed and the conversation goes something like this:

Kim: "You okay?"
John: "Yeah"
Kim: "Did you forget that you closed the glass doors?"
John: "No"
Kim: "What did you think could have happened"
John: "I don't know"

And thus, we close another weekend at the Hawkins' house... with a semi-heart attack.


  1. Wait, you had to work on MLK day? That's not the dream!

    One of my coworkers just got married in November and oh. my. gosh. I was SO SICK of hearing about every detail of her wedding. I doubt she got ANY work done in the 4 months leading up to it!

  2. Hey, I had to work today and that was so not my dream either!

    The log story was amusing, though a little scary thinking how freaked out poor John must have been thinking his house might have been on fire!

    And I agree, the engaged girl should shut up and be thankful she's getting a shower!

  3. Who is the crazy wedding girl? Anyone I know? And, yes, we will have to do lunch next time I am in H town!


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