Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Proud of Myself

Hi everyone out there in blog-land. There hasn't been much going on today - other than an annual well-woman checkup... I REALLY hate those.... doctors typically don't bother me, but there is nothing like having your dignity stripped away like that on a yearly basis. I love my doctor, but have a major complaint about her freaking nurses... they can't take someone's weight for anything! They still have one of those old scales (like you'd have at home - if you weren't a WLS patient) that only goes up to 50 pounds... and there is another little number that rolls to show if you're inbetween 200, 250, or whatever. So the nurse is taking my weight, and I'm pretty proud to be in the 200's... but she tells me 255... and I'm 30 pounds heavier than that! ARG! They did the same thing last year... my weight was 100 pounds off from the actual! Seriously?! All I could say back then was thank goodness that the hospital took my weight again when they had to do my emergency surgery in January of '07 because it could have been ugly if they used the number from the doctor's chart!

So on to other issues, we found out last night that our walking path that we've used for two of our 3 walks is between 1 mile and 1.1 miles... either way - not to bad for a 30 minute walk.

This morning - I had some extra time at home while I was waiting for my doctor's appointment - so I went ahead and rode the bike for 30 minutes and actually went 7.75 miles. That burned like 385 calories... which actually means that half of my calories for today were burned in that 30 minute workout session.

My total calories for today are 782, with 109 grams of protein... which is pretty darn good. My nutritionist gave me some advice via email on my listing of food intake from yesterday:
  • Stop the grape juice - which is no biggie at all.
  • Try to eat something solid for breakfast so that it keeps me full... I haven't had any problems with hunger...
  • Try to get 70 - 80 grams of protein through eating solid foods instead of using my shakes.
  • If I have trouble keeping up with the protein, then I can use the shakes to supplement the protein level.

I still am struggling with advice being different between the surgeon and the nutritionist, but I think that as long as I'm getting the right amount of protein... then that's the biggest battle. I'll have to try to find something to eat for breakfast... which is going to be hard because eggs seem to make me really ill since the surgery. I don't know what that could possibly be about, but I've tried to eat scrambled eggs twice since I have been allowed to, and neither time went well.


  1. Oh I hear you on those annual well-woman visits. Every time my husband complains about going to the doctor I remind him of what I have to go through each and every year!

    Good job with the exercise!!

    I never liked eggs to begin with so my feelings won't be hurt if I can't handle them after surgery, but I know they're a useful way to get that protein in. I hope it goes better next time you try them!

  2. I am late for my yearly appointment and still haven't scheduled. It's weird..not that I think anything is wrong with me, but it's like I'm afraid to risk the infinitesimal possibility of anything putting off my surgery! I'm still debating making the appointment now or waiting till after surgery.

    I'm thinking you should try the eggs again depending on how long ago you last tried. I was reading that "Before and After" book last week and she said that if you had trouble with a food, back off it, but try it again later. It could be that you have become intolerant of them for now, or it could have just been that you weren't ready for them!

  3. You are doing awesome!!

    I'm so glad to see the nutritionist gave you that advice. It will take you far.


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