Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Maintaining Momentum

Whew - it's tough trying to be healthy... I'm really ready for that day when I wake up and have energy again! I hate waking up and feeling like I haven't slept at all... I feel like the parent of a newborn without even having the joys of the baby!

I woke up tired and sore today - so I struggled with not canceling my walk with my buddies for tonight, but John told me that this is the time when I need to push through it and keep going. The weather here isn't ideal for a walk, but I'm going to do it anyway - unless it's raining when I get home. Jenn is going to come and John will go - so it is keeping me much more accountable than if I were trying to do this without them... so I owe them - BIG!!

I'm on day three of getting all my water in - so that is a major victory for me... if I can keep it up over the weekend - that will be the biggest win of all!

I'll leave today's message short, and send off with a few old pictures of John & I.

This was our engagement picture - taken in 2001.

This was us getting ready to go to a party - taken in 2006.

This was taken right after our engagement in 2001.

Here we are at a Texas A&M game versus Texas Tech in 1999.
It felt like we traveled with the team that year... I was still at A&M and we went to Lubbock for this game, and also went to another game in Oklahoma, and one in Shreveport, Louisiana... then to the bowl game that year, and I ended up having a hospital trip with food poisoning... we stopped traveling for games after that one.


  1. Love the pics, Kim! You are so incredibly pretty!!

    It sounds like maybe you have a little of that "hibernation" thing I've read about in the WLS books and sites, so pushing onward would be the thing to do, all the while knowing it is normal! You're doing great and the plateau will be over soon, I'm sure of it!

  2. Keep it up!!! Your doing well.

  3. Pictures, yay!!! Hang in there. Push through. You can do it!!


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