Thursday, January 17, 2008

Work Stinks

I've always been one of those people that needs to be inspired to enjoy what I'm doing - or I get bored. I think that's partially because I fell into my current career path by accident - not by choosing. Don't get me wrong though - I have got a GREAT work ethic instilled in me by my parents (who did an amazing job raising me... if I do say so myself)... so that's not the problem.

I've been feeling very overwhelmed at work this week because one of my co-workers is on a cruise (lucky dog!) and I'm having to cover her job and mine right now. I know that it's payback for me going out for surgery, BUT I was able to get the people I support self sufficient before I left so that there wouldn't be much burden on anyone else. ANYWAY, things here have been nuts this week without her - and all this extra work is getting in the way of my life!

What we do is extremely detailed, and not at all what I enjoy doing. I can be very detailed and thorough, but this again is not something I'm interested in. I currently work in the healthcare industry - but more specifically - I work for the non-profit section of the hospital. We're responsible for raising all the money that funds our programs... my part in that is to do the research on the potential donors.

What that means to all of you is that I am responsible for reading all the public records on people and determining what we should ask them to donate. This is very tedious, and you'd all be really frightened by the amount of information we can pull up on everyone... I guess the good thing is that we really can't pull up any debt information... or that would really be scary! So for instance - if we were trying to solicit - oh... I don't know... Jennifer Aniston (assume that she isn't a celebrity) we'd start by looking at the value of her home, her other assets, her salary information (not all are published), her stock holdings (only insider stock is published), any news articles that she's been mentioned in, her gifts to other charities (most are published), and anything else we can get... voter records, tax leins, home sales, marriage records, death records... all of that junk...

It feels very much like playing "Big Brother" and I can't stand it - I feel like I violate people's privacy on every level each day that I come to work... and I can't wait until I can start teaching and do something that I respect and can be proud of!

That's enough for today... I'm just tired and overwhelmed, and really wish that tomorrow was a holiday or Saturday so that I could relax and work on scrapbooking!

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  1. It's really hard to hate what you do. I did that for 12 years working for Corporate America and the reason I didn't leave on my own was because the pay and benefits were awesome. Thankfully (and I can say that honestly now), the downsized me and about 700 other people seven years ago. Since then, I've had three other jobs, all of which have been interesting and more importantly, meaningful!

    But, I hear ya. At least you are just killing time now until you are able to do what you want to do. More like a pit stop on the way to the finish line!!


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