Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ok, so today was better in some ways, but not in others - I didn't throw up at all today. I did however have stomach cramps all day - and the got progressively worse as the day went on... but thank goodness they're done now. I've also had some seriously LOUD gurgling going on in there - it's embarassing, but it could be a lot worse.

I didn't hear from the doctor today, but I do have a follow up with the gastrointerologist on Monday the 11th. I talked to the girl at his office, and my file was on his desk - she said he'd call or have her call me if they saw anything on the ultrasound. I guess no news is good news, but am I the only one that thinks they should go ahead and call you with good or bad news - just so you don't worry about it for days?!

On a totally unrelated topic: A new show (Women's Murder Club) started last fall, and I fell in love with it for several reasons...
  1. I love Angie Harmon
  2. I love television crime shows
  3. I love flawed characters that I can really care about...

Now, due to the writer's strike - there isn't much left on television these days worth watching... other than the few episodes of the things that didn't show in the fall. What this means for me is that it's time to form those exercise habits, and do some serious reading. Well, the Women's Murder Club is based on a series of books written by James Patterson.

I started reading the first one "1st to Die" last night and I absolutely love it! One really cool feature is that the chapters are all between 3 and 4 pages long - so they are really easy to read, and for someone that has a mild case of OCD - I don't have to finish reading in the middle of a chapter. I guess it makes me feel like I've completed a thought. It's a little after 8 here, and I'm pretty beat - so I'm off to read a few chapters and then drift off into dreamland... thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, but Saturday is a study day... John will be working on his new workbench that he's building for the garage, and I'll be studying for my test. I'll be sure to post pictures of John and his creation at the end of the weekend.


  1. I think I would call tomorrow before the weekend hits. I would want to know for sure that they didn't see anything. I'm in agreement that they should call either way and beings the good Lord didn't see fit to give me much patience, I'd be giving them a ring for sure.

  2. OMG I love that show too... Angie Harmon is so great in it too!!


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