Saturday, January 12, 2008


I ate chicken tonight for the first time since surgery!! I didn't have any problems with it either... yippee!! John made a rotisserie chicken, and it was just the right tenderness for me. It was a little sad that it tasted so good, but I couldn't eat much of it - but I'll try to eat a little more again tomorrow or another day this week. I'm a little worried about that though because the doctor said that leftovers could be a problem because things tend to dry out when reheated... we'll see.

I went to the store today, and bought all our groceries for the week - and tomorrow I'm planning on cooking everything for us so that hopefully it will make things easier in the evenings. So I'm making like 5 different meals tomorrow... Most of the recipies are from some cookbooks that I got for Christmas that have weight loss surgery recipies - if they are good - I'll share the book titles and what I made. I'd gladly share the recipies if anyone is interested... just let me know. The items really aren't anything different than what you'd make for normal meals, but they give some instruction on the proper portioning of the meals and things for surgery patients... but all of the meals are things that John and I can enjoy together - just in different portions.

I've got to conquer chewing my food more, eating more slowly, and getting my 64 ounces fluids in daily.

Now for my 2 month measurment changes... (I'm putting in my total inches lost over the 2 months)

Chest - down 5 inches (this makes John sad)
Waist - down 4.5 inches
Hips - down 2.5 inches
Neck - down 1.25 inches
Left Thigh - down 2.25 inches
Right Thigh - down 1 inch
Left Calf - down 1.5 inches
Right Calf - down 1.5 inches
Left Bicep - down 1.5 inches
Right Bicep - down 2 inches
Left Forearm - down 1 inch (these measurements make me laugh)
Right Forearm - down .75 inch (again, who cares about the forearm?)

Grand Total - down 24.75 inches in 8 weeks!

I really feel like this should show more in my clothes... but I'm still wearing things that I wore before surgery for the most part. I am excited to see what happens in the next month with the added benefits of walking, and other workouts. I've taken the last two days off from working out, but am going to ride the bike or drag John out for a walk with the dogs tomorrow...


  1. Congrats!! Those are some drastic changes for only 2 months!

  2. What makes me laugh is the difference in your thighs, although of course you would never be able to tell. Congratualtions.

  3. Hooray for you! Yes, I would love to hear about the cookbooks and the recipes as I'm going to need to invest in a couple of books eventually!

  4. Awesome! You'll be at that point where everything falls off in no time! :)


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