Friday, January 11, 2008

100 Things about Me

I took this off another blog - she said it was therapeutic, and I'm all for that! Hopefully there is some stuff in there that my parents don't know... I'm sure John will say that he knew it all... but maybe him too.
  1. I am very hard on myself - and even sometimes think that I still might not reach my goal of weight loss.

  2. In new situations - I am extremely shy.

  3. I sometimes hold myself back because I don't like doing things by myself.

  4. At the same time - there are things that I do like doing alone. For example: shopping or going to the spa.

  5. I feel sorry for people that go to restaurants alone - even though I've done it myself.

  6. I love to bake and am good at it. Just ask John about my chocolate chip bundt cake or cheesecake. (Maybe not now though because we can't have it.)

  7. I love cooking meals (when I'm in the mood), and enjoy trying new recipies.

  8. Since surgery, I am always cold - I even use 3 blankets to keep me warm at night.

  9. I haven't had caffeine or carbinated beverages since November 15, 2007.

  10. I took 1 day of Russian in college - because someone told me it was an easier language course to take. I guess we all know how that turned out - since I dropped it!

  11. I just got an "A" in a math class that I failed in college. I just finished it in December '07.

  12. Being creative doesn't always come easily for me. I do better with making things from peices that are already created. (ie: beaded jewelry or scrapbooking)

  13. I owned and operated a moderately successful jewelry website for a year and a half before closing it.

  14. I am very frugal when it comes to spending money on myself... but always go over budget on gifts for others.

  15. I love old-school country music. I really enjoy the stuff from the 70's, 80's, and 90's the best.

  16. I also love 80's music in general because I know all the words - I couldn't tell you who is singing 90% of the time though.

  17. The shortest length of time I worked at a job was 4 hours. I was working as a telemarketer in Alabama to sell vacuum cleaners - but when they made me clean the bathroom at the end of the night... I quit on the spot.

  18. I still feel 15 years old in my head most of the time...

  19. I have great ideas in my head, but can't articulate them well.

  20. I also do the same thing when fighting - I can really fight well in my head, but can't ever get the words out... so I tend to just shut down and not fight...

  21. I sometimes worry that when things are going well - they will come crashing down around me.

  22. Weight loss surgery is the best thing I've ever done for myself.

  23. I know that some people will always be discusted with me because I have been super morbidly obese, even after I lose the weight.

  24. I would love to visit Cape Cod, London, and Italy at some point in the future.

  25. I absolutely love visiting New York City and Washington D.C.

  26. I love going to see stage productions, and can't wait until I can comfortably sit in a theater and not worry about anything other than the play itself. (Other WLS patients will understand this the most)

  27. One of the best weeks of my life was when I was able to go to Guatemala and pick up my new little brother. (I instantly fell in love with him... he is such a sweet soul)

  28. I have always wanted to go to Chicago, but haven't ever made it. I was supposed to go on September 12, 2001 - but didn't get to go because of the terrorist attack.

  29. I started a new job on September 11, 2001 - but was laid off in January of 2002 (three weeks before my wedding) because they couldn't afford my salary.

  30. I was the most calm bride ever, until the music started playing... then I fell apart.

  31. I have wanted to be a Mom since I can remember - and I might finally get to see that dream come true in the next couple years.

  32. I have also wanted to be a teacher my whole life - I played school until I was WAY to old, and loved looking through teacher edition textbooks as a kid.

  33. I hope to be teaching in the fall, but am terrified about it. (I guess that's normal?!)

  34. I hated having braces - I wore them for 4 years, but got them off during Christmas break of my freshman year in high school. I don't think they did any good though - they were for straightening my alignment of my jaw... and it's still off.

  35. I like staying home instead of going out most of the time.

  36. I am taking a course to learn to write children's books/articles

  37. I love playing board games, and now train dominoes (thanks Susan & Ryan) but I have to go get a set of those.

  38. I am a slow reader - but I love reading...

  39. I worry that I'm not intelligent. Mostly in social settings - I worry that I can't keep up with conversation.

  40. I can't wait to go back to Disney World as a skinny person... it will be a MUCH more enjoyable experience.

  41. I also can't wait to go on the boat when I lose weight - and more importantly ride a tube again...

  42. I got to see my dream concert while I was at A&M... I got to see Garth Brooks with Maria thanks to my Dad.

  43. I have worked for non-profits for the last 8 years, and have yet to be inspired by a cause I was raising money for.

  44. I have managed to work in a job that I loathe for 2 years... waiting for my teaching certificate stuff to work out.

  45. I have a really amazingly supportive family (John's family too)... and I'm so thankful for that!

  46. I have very strong political beliefs - that are very different now than when I was a teenager.

  47. I love computer games like Dining Dash, the Sims, and any sort of simulation game... really games with set progression of things and levels to beat to move on.

  48. I want to ride horses again when I lose weight

  49. I burn really badly when I got out in the sun... even with sunscreen!

  50. I am a magazine freak - I've got subscriptions to: Redbook, Oprah, Real Simple, Weight Watchers, Weight Loss Surgery Lifestyles, and Self... but I need to subscribe to some scrapbooking ones too.

  51. I get REALLY excited when I go to the mailbox and a new issue has arrived for me.

  52. I currently own around 388 DVD movies... and love them all!

  53. I tend to purposely let my favorite television shows record on the DVR so that I can skip through commercials.

  54. I almost never wear makeup - but I wore a lot in high school.

  55. I have had 5 different supervisors at work since July 2005. (can you tell why I don't like this palce?!)

  56. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University changed my life... and I almost didn't go because I was to shy, but John made me.

  57. The funny thing about Financial Peace to me though is that half of the lessons are things that my Dad told me to do when I was in college... I guess you have to pay for advice to really listen to it?!

  58. I absolutely love watching reruns of Law & Order... I pretty much leave the television on TNT when there isn't anything else on. Sam Waterston is the best!

  59. I really can't stand having to go to a mall, which is funny to me because I loved them in high school.

  60. I didn't enjoy college while I was there enough - I couldn't wait to get out... now I wish I could go back to the same situation I had, and really appreciate it knowing what I do now.

  61. I desperately miss my old church... it merged into another large church in December, but it's just not the same...

  62. I miss seeing two of my favorite couples in the world each week... because they don't go to our new church.

  63. I am still in awe of how wonderful my husband was in taking care of me during my surgery and recovery.

  64. I miss my maternal grandfather, and paternal grandparents a lot - I don't feel like I had enough time to really get to know them.

  65. John and I would love to move to College Station, Texas if we could find jobs... if I start teaching it's not a problem for me... but there is NOTHING for him to do there. It would be ideal for raising kids.

  66. I still sometimes walk into my house and think that it can't possibly be mine... and I've lived there since August.

  67. I can't always hide my emotions - I'm really transparent, which gets me in trouble sometimes.

  68. I tend to send text messages to much when I'm driving - I spend most of my time in heavy traffic though... so I'm barely moving

  69. I haven't been in a bathing suit since I was in 6th grade.

  70. I love the idea of traveling, but am ALWAYS ready to come home before the end of the trip.

  71. John and I went on a road trip through Mississippi the day after hurricane Katrina hit... we had to wait in line for gas for over an hour at one pit stop.

  72. The first (and only) college football bowl game we traveled to see - I ended up in the hospital with severe food poisoning the next day. (it's a long story... with lots of drama)

  73. The first thing I do when I get home everyday is put on my pajamas... I know that will have to change when we have kids, but I've got at least another year to enjoy it!

  74. I am not a fan of going out to do things on weeknights... I hope that this will change when I get a more flexible career without the long commute.

  75. I had surgery twice in 2007... it's not that noteable, but what is notable is that my health was vastly improved the second time!

  76. I am a big time animal lover, and they dig me too... just ask Jenn about how much her cat, Onyx loved me last Friday night!

  77. I stink at guitar hero... although - I've finally semi-mastered the first song on the easy level... it's Slow Ride - and has a very repetative beat to it.

  78. My family is very competative... with everything... most most imporantly with games.

  79. I have a really hard time buying gifts for people... I want to be able to get the best gift I can for the price I can afford. It always means that I'm shopping last minute.

  80. I am humbled by my husband's amazing creativity with his gift giving - I've tried to follow his lead, but can only come up with things he's already done... which isn't any fun for him.

  81. When I met John for the first time - he had one green eye and one blue eye...because he only had one contact lense. (did I mention it was like that for months...and he denied it until much later in our relationship!)

  82. I get really tired of hearing celebrities' opinions on various issues - I don't think being an actor, singer, or whatever entitles them to be able to spew their views to the rest of us... I don't care what they think.

  83. I am really excited that some of my friends from church have decided to walk with me 3 times a week to help with my exercise routine.

  84. I am thankful for all the experiences that I have had in my life - they have shaped me into the person that I am today... which I hope is a good person.

  85. I struggle with finding time to give to everyone in my life that wants/needs some, and really am scared that it will get worse when I have children.

  86. I picked out the name of my first daughter when I was 10 years old.

  87. I have been known to get a lot of tickets in my driving career... thank goodness it has been a while... knock on wood!!

  88. I managed to survive a semester away from home in Alabama - I was homesick, but had a lot of great times! I made some great friends, but unfortunately lost touch with most of them when I moved home.

  89. Even though I did quite a bit of drinking in college - I can't say that I ever enjoyed it. It's been about 8 years since I've had anything like that and don't miss it at all.

  90. I cried for 4 days after buying my current car (a Ford Expedition) because it was so big - I couldn't figure out how to park!

  91. I can't stand parents that take all of their children to stores, and let them run around crazy. If you're going to take your kids out - at least have the decency to teach them how to act!

  92. I wish that both of my parents lived closer to me... my Mom is in Midland, TX and my Dad is in Columbus, OH

  93. Flinstones Vitamins don't taste like I remember as a kid - but I guess it could be worse. I have to take two a day... but at least they don't smell like other vitamins.

  94. I love taking pictures - I was on the yearbook/newspaper staff in high school... but my favorite to take are of family & friends.

  95. I sometimes wish that I would have learned to play a musical instrument as a kid, but it's not that often now.

  96. I got my first massage in October of 2005, and LOVED it. I didn't think I would because of the whole no clothes thing... but it is the best thing in the world.... I love being that relaxed.

  97. My feet are insanely ticklish, but for some reason it doesn't bother me at all to get a pedicure... and I love getting those too.

  98. I actually don't mind, and sometimes enjoy grocery shopping... especially now - when I have the time - I like leisurely strolling through the store trying to find new foods to try.

  99. I absolutely love it when it's cold enough for John to build a fire in our fireplace. It is so cozy, and I've really grown to appreciate them now that I'm freezing all the time!

  100. Blogging has changed my life. It's given me a place to put my thoughts, meet new friends, and keep family & friends updated on how things are going for John and I.

Whew! That was hard... I wanted to quit at #50, but I kept at it and I think there is some good stuff in there.


  1. This was so great I feel like I know you so much better. I can't believe how well you know youself. I think would have starting writing lame things like I have two eyes and suprisingly two arms too, around twenty.
    Thanks for letting us know you better.

  2. There is no way I could have done that. I would have quit. I do feel like I know you better too!

  3. That was so interesting. WE have tons in common, tons!!!!! I am going to do mine now. Lets see how far I get!

  4. I see so many things in common! There are so many places I want to revisit once I've lost weight. And a boat?? Do you have a boat? We have a boat!

    And I so totally agree with this:

    get really tired of hearing celebrities' opinions on various issues - I don't think being an actor, singer, or whatever entitles them to be able to spew their views to the rest of us... I don't care what they think.

    I hate it when they do that at awards shows...ticks me off totally!

  5. It's amazing how many of those are just like mine. I guess we are all alike in more ways than we know.

  6. I want to post a "100 things about me" too. Your post has motivated me to start working on it. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi on my blog. I'll save your and check back often. and in regards to this on your 100 things
    "I would love to visit Cape Cod, London, and Italy at some point in the future."
    Yes, come to the Cape. It's beautiful here and theres no place else in the world like it.


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