Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Workouts Begin Tonight

So I had every intention of working out last night, but got sidetracked by a friend that needed me. I wasn't to worried about it thought because I had been in a great discussion with Tasha about wanting to work out together. We decided to include some of the other fabulous ladies from our old church & our new church too (Jenn, Tasha, Staci, Sarah, and Dawn - when she can) - we all have moved together... anyway - we're all going to start walking together on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights... so we start tonight at 6. We'll be walking at a middle school near our houses, and will start out with 30 minutes... and if we want to add more - we can do that as time progresses.

I will try to fit in other workouts as I can with my bike, pilates DVD, and my two Biggest Loser DVD's too. So hopefully this will help my progress!!

On another note - I've been trying to get more water in on a daily basis - yesterday didn't go well, but today I've gotten 3/4 of the 64 ounces in... so tomorrow we'll try for the full 64 ounces!


  1. Your reward system from your husband is the sweetest thing I've ever heard of. You are a lucky woman :)

  2. Kim, it sounds as if you are doing great! And having folks to walk with rocks! I'm hoping I can find some folks when my time comes!


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