Sunday, February 10, 2008

Church Membership

Today has been busy - there hasn't been one minute today that I haven't been busily trying to accomplish some sort of task.

We started out at church with a new series - today's message was all about pride, and ways to remove it from your life. Great message, and I look forward to hearing more about the future messages that we'll be hearing on "God's Pet Peeves".

From there - we got home at about noon, and had to be back at church for our membership class at 3:30... so I had three hours with which to study for my test. I used every moment, and have possibly finished with the study guide sections on english, language arts, and reading... which is 40% of the test... now I can move on to the other sections. (The subject matter of the rest of the test isn't quite as abstract - so I believe I'll move through it more quickly.)

Our membership class at church was from 3:30 - 7:30... it was a really well done informative class. We really like the pastor, and actually got to go through the class with his parents... it was a really lovely afternoon of learning what this church is about. John is officially a member now, but I'm not just yet. I haven't yet been baptized, and need to complete that before I'm officially a member of the church. They offer baptism services between April and November, and I'm planning on getting mine done this year. I do have to say that it terrifies me to be in front of people, but it's time that I take that next step... and it's coming...

That pretty much wraps up my weekend, it's been a busy one... but we've accomplished a lot, and I'm certainly ready for bed tonight!!

To all my friends with blogs: I'm a little behind because I've been focused on studying every minute that I've been home this weekend - so I'll be reading and catching up on all of your posts tomorrow... or maybe Tuesday... Just know that I'm not ignoring you - things are just crazy trying to prepare for this test that holds so much weight on my future.


  1. Don't sweat it, chica! We know you're busy at the moment and understand!

    Can I come to your church?

  2. Oh please don't ever feel like you have to catch up with my blog! I HOPE you always will, but when blogging is another task on the to-do list, there's no more fun in it! Hope things slow down for you!


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