Monday, February 11, 2008

Doctor's Update

I had my follow up with the gastrointerologist today, and as suspected - everything turned out to be normal. Nothing showed up on the ultrasound or in the endoscopy... nothing showed up in his blood work either. He did tell me to up my fluid intake as much as I can, and exercise to keep everything in there moving normally so that I won't get any nausea.

So starting tomorrow - I'm going to start cutting out the shakes again, and hope for the best... I might taper them down a little more slowly than that, but the goal is to get away from drinking them everyday.

I also picked up my blood work from my PCP today as well, because I need it for my appointment with my surgeon on Friday. He didn't call me with any results today, but everything on there looks fairly normal. My iron seems a little low, but until I hear from him - I don't know what to add to my vitamin regimine.

On the studying front - I've gotten through the Language Arts, Reading, Math, and Social Studies sections of my study guide. In the next couple of days - I'll take on Science, and then the Other category that includes P.E., Art, Music, and Health.

T - 3 days and it'll be over... I'm SOOOOO getting a pedicure on Friday afternoon!!

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  1. Well, i'm glad to hear that everything is coming back normal! Is it possible you maybe just had a bout with the flu??

    Oh and thank you for the sermon link! I haven't listened yet but I will! I need a good sermon because I'm not getting them here at the moment!


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