Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cozy Nights

Tonight we're sitting by a lovely fire and enjoying not being at work. A rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond is on - which makes us laugh... but of course in the back of my mind - I'm so thankful that I didn't end up with in-laws like that.

We'll cook here in a second, and then watch a little bit of television... I'm probably going to sneak in some time to read - I'm on the second book in my series. These books are fabulous! Especially for someone that LOVES all cop shows... Law & Order, The Closer, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Without a Trace, Cold Case... and others if I'd just watch them.

Nothing much else has gone on today - I'm still waiting and wondering if my regular doctor is going to call with my blood work results - he normally does, and he told me it would be about a week... so I'm trying to be patient. He might call tonight - he normally calls around 6 or so... there's still hope.

I've found one food that I was trying - and I'm cutting it out of my diet again... I tried some macaroni and cheese (a homeade variety) and I think it's just way too much cheese... maybe the boxed kind won't be as cheesy... so at some point I might try that again - but not for a little while.

Have a great night everyone - I'm off to cook...


  1. My mother in law is too much like Marie for my liking...she's like the British version of Marie Barone!

    Hope you hear from the doctor soon! Looks like we are both now in waiting games! At least the company is good!

  2. First thought: a fire? I'm so jealous! Here in Florida, we're hitting about 85 every day lately. Stifling summer heat is on the horizon...

    Second thought: I would LOVE in-laws like the Barones... they would be a million times better than what I've got now! Another story for another day!


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