Friday, February 29, 2008

Crisis Averted

I don't know what the deal is with me these days, but here is another doozy... I'm I'm telling the long version!

Shortly after 10 this morning, I was sitting at my desk - and realized that my wedding ring was missing. I tried to stay calm, but anyone that knows me - knows that it didn't last long... I got up and checked my clothes, purse, and desk area... crawled around on the floor under my desk... checked my steps around my floor... our kitchen area... then the parking garage, my car, and the ground under all the cars around mine... no ring.

I sent an email out to my department, and then asked that an email be sent to our entire building so that if anyone saw it - they could turn it in. (I'd hope that they would do that anyway, but I just wanted people to be on the lookout.) Throughout all of this - I'm hysterically crying... over the loss of such a sentimental and valuable thing that hasn't left my side in 7 years.

I sat in my cubicle for an hour or so - trying to remember everything that I'd done this morning. I remembered seeing it in my car this morning and thinking that it had really gotten loose... and I'd shaken my hand in the car to see if it would fly off, but it didn't...

Another round of searching the car (cut my finger this time feeling around all the hindges under the seat) and I remembered that I'd gotten water this morning while getting my breakfast ready. So I came back in to check near the water cooler... no ring.

I was moving stuff in our kitchen, and remembered that I'd refilled our small storage container for plastic forks this morning. We have large bags of utensils that we keep and just refill the small containers for daily use. My friend Hope and I started dumping the big bag of forks into anything we could find... some extra salad bowls and things... and at the bottom of the bag... there it was.

So I've now got in on the chain with my cross... because it's too big for my finger now! Guess I'm going to have to take care of that this weekend - or wear it around my neck for the time being. Whew... now I'm emotionally drained!

You weight loss surgery girls out there - make sure to watch your jewelry... because it can and will fall off!!


  1. Thank goodness you found it! My engagement ring, which sits above my wedding ring already has a sizer on it as my fingers tend to shrink up in the colder months. I'll have to be careful!

    It's killing me not to blog today...driving me nuts, but I'm really trying not to!

  2. I am so glad you found it. That has to be just heartbreaking not knowing where it was. I noticed the other day my gold panda ring that I have had for years was so big it kept falling off. Not my wedding band... but I did notice the fingers getting smaller :) Again, I'm so happy you found it.

  3. Thank goodness you found it!! I think I might just pull a "honey, I need a NEW ring. You know, a BIGGER stone." when mine gets to big, haha!

  4. thank god you found it! I would have been so upset myself!


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