Thursday, February 28, 2008

Running on Empty

I made it through the third straight morning of working out... and if I weren't so tired right now... I'd feel pretty proud of myself. I don't think I'm tired from the workouts - it's the 9 hours a day of data entry work that is killing me. You see, we're in the middle of our annual employee campaign... and my company has roughly 20,000 employees in the Houston area. We're asking them all to make donations this week, and what that means for me is that we have to process 5,000 or so more gifts than we normally would. Typically, I'm not involved in gift processing... but because of the extra load... I get to help. It's really not bad, but my eyes are killing me from staring at the computer screen all day.

Anyway, my friend Sarah and I were talking this morning, and she has decided to start training to run a 10K... now she's not getting crazy or anything... no race has been scheduled. She just wants to train, and possibly in the future race.

Now the funny thing is that in the back of my mind lately - I've been thinking how cool it might be to actually complete a race like that... so she asked if I'd like to train with her... by with her - we'll not be able to work out together unless it's a weekend - because she's a teacher and is able to work out MUCH earlier in the afternoon than I am. Plus - I do my workouts in the mornings... but I might give it a whirl. I'm thinking that I'll give myself some more time on the bike first to build up an endurance... and then who knows?! Maybe a year from now (unless I'm pregnant) you'll see pictures of me at the finish line of my first 10 K...

I guess the sad thing is that somewhere in my mind - there is a battle going on - the fat part of my brain is saying "get real... you can't run" while the post surgery part of my brain is saying "maybe... it could happen"... so for the time being we're in a little bit of a struggle there.

Other questions I'm battling with:
* How long do you have to work out before you start to enjoy it?
* How long before it becomes a habit?
* Will I ever not feel like a total heifer sitting up on my bike?
* Is this the beginning of the part where my mind sees myself completely different than reality?

The last one is a concern for post surgery patients... because when you lose weight rapidly (not a real problem for me - as I'm now a total inch worm) some patients wake up one day and realize that the person looking back at them in the mirror is a completely foreign person. Another words, they still see themselves as fat - while the rest of the world gets a whole other image of them. My guess is that it can be really scary and frustrating to experience that.