Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Days Like This

Before I get to my actual post for today - I've gotten a lot of spam comments lately (I delete them) but in order to cut down for now - I've added a word verification. I know that it annoys some of you (SignGurl), but I just feel like for now - it's the best thing for me to do.

Today hasn't turned out to be as bad as I expected based on my morning, but WOW - it certainly was tense this morning. I felt so out of sorts and out of character that I just can't help but share it all with you.

I started off this morning working out at 5:30 again (WOO HOO!! Two Days in a row...), after I got done - I saw John off to work, and sat down to have breakfast. I then got ready for work, but since I had let John borrow my car... I had to go back in the house to see if I could find some sunglasses to wear - no luck. It takes me about 10-15 minutes to reach the freeway in the morning, and it wasn't until that time that I realized that I forgot to grab my blood work results for my appointment with the endocrinologist. ARG!! There wasn't time to turn back - so I just had to roll with it... but that meant stressing about it all the way to the doctor's office.

This doctor has a policy written on her website that anyone that is 15 or more minutes late for their scheduled appointment time would have to be rescheduled... so I made sure to leave a few minutes earlier than I would normally leave for work. Well, this morning - nothing was working for me. It took me literally an hour and 45 minutes to get to the doctor's office... which made me exactly 20 minutes late for my appointment... I tried to call the office to ask them if I'd be able to still see the doctor, but when I called the answering service told me that they didn't start answering the phones until 9AM. Who does that? I mean if you're going to schedule an appointment for 8:30 and tell people that the office opens at 7:45... then answer the phone!!

I did end up getting to see the doctor, but in the course of getting checked in this morning... I overheard the doctor telling someone how she'd just thrown up again, and how she felt like crud... and I'm thinking in the back of my head - GREAT - now I'm going to catch whatever funk the doctor has. She examined me, and asked a lot of weird questions... like why'd you decide to have a gastric bypass? (Isn't it obvious?) and in response to my stating that I don't drink alcohol... why not? (seriously?) She really seemed perplexed that I hadn't had a drink since college... so I told her (just to shut her up) that it lost it's excitement factor when I was legally able to drink.

She drew some more blood work, and I won't know anymore until she gets that back in about a week. She looked over the results from my previous tests that my PCP ran... and said that it might not be anything to worry about, but that she'd let me know what's going on when she gets the results. One good note - my blood pressure was 120/70 - which for me being on NO medications for my high blood pressure... is amazing!!

Okay, now I'm a girl (I know... that's really news that you didn't already know) and I tend to get overly emotional. (who knew?) So when I got to the office - someone had been in my cubicle borrowing my supplies... and neglected to put them back. Well, normally I wouldn't say anything... but today it ticked me off. So I confronted her, and asked that if she uses my things - at least put them back where she got them. It wasn't even stuff that the office supplies - it was my personal stuff. She told me that I should lock it up if I didn't want people using it. That wasn't even the point - the point was to show some common courtesy and respect... which means put it back!! She got really upset about it and told me that I needed to go eat some chocolate and chill out... and I told her that what I needed was for her to quit acting like the Queen of the office! We haven't spoken since... oh well...

The rest of the day (so far) has gone fairly well... and I actually feel pretty good. So for starting out like a day out of the Twilight Zone... I even actually asked God what it was that I was supposed to be learning from all of that this morning. It was beginning to seem like he didn't want me to see that doctor... after all the drama with getting a referral from my PCP yesterday. The endocrinologist's office insisted that they didn't take HMO patients, and refused when my PCP's office called to give them the referral... so then I had to get in the middle and fight it out.

Lets hope that she is able to help me, and that all the drama has been worth it in the long run!


  1. Your post cracked me up (meaning all the stuff in parenthesis)! What was up with that doctor?? Most docs would be happy their patient didn't drink! Ugh!

    And the witch at the office? She needs to shut up and find herself some manners. I'm afraid I'd of had to b@tch slap her if she'd told me to eat some chocolate! Either that or I'd of bought a bar and then stuck it where the sun don't shine!

    Hmmm...I think I'm pmsing...can you tell?

  2. What nut cases!!! I will pray that your co-worker and boss move on to someone else to bother or that God changes their hearts. And that you find another doctor with better bedside manners.

    Way to go on working out so early in the a.m. Where do you excercise? Maybe I can meet you sometime. Depends on Hal's schedule. Let's talk!

    Hope you have a better day!

  3. You were right on to tell your coworker to leave your stuff alone.

  4. Wow, that does sound like a rough day! I'm really glad you got to see the doctor though instead of having to reschedule.

    Some doctors are just weird. My pulmonologist took an interest in my marriage the last time I was there and started asking how Lee & I met, and how our marriage is going, and if we're happy. It was very odd. (Lee had accompanied me to the previous appointment... maybe we just looked like a mismatch to him, I don't know).

    Anyhow, I'll be your 5:30am workout buddy! I'm going to post about my workout experience today. So what if we're in different timezones? If I don't feel like rolling out of bed, I'll just tell myself KIM'S DOING IT, so I'd better do it too. : )


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