Saturday, February 23, 2008

Last Night

My gosh - we had the best time last night!! It ended up being 5 other couples that we spent the evening with. 4 of those couples are members of our new church, one of them being our Pastor and his wife... and wow - they are really fun people!! Our hosts have the cutest house... I really loved their entire neighborhood because all the houses have these wonderful front porches, and it just has the best family feeling.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner of gumbo and salad, and Jennifer even made pecan pie parfaits for dessert. For those of you keeping me accountable... I only had a small amount of gumbo and a tiny bit of brown rice. I was completely satisfied though! I would have loved to dig into one of those parfaits, but probably not the best time to test the boundaries of dumping syndrome... right?!

After dinner we played a men versus women game of Gestures... which was hilarious. It was funny to watch how compeditive the men were. They ended up winning too... but it was so much fun to watch. I've never been really comfortable getting up in front of groups - much less acting out anything in a setting like that... but I held my own!

After that we moved to playing a new card game. (New to John and I anyway) The game was called Pounce. It was a lot of fun... but very fast paced! It's sort of like playing solitare with a group... but you're racing against everyone else to get through your stack first. I started off always getting negative points, but in the last two rounds - I finally went positive. It was a LOT of fun, and we ended up playing until around 11:30ish.

I am so glad that I didn't let my previous couple of days worth of feeling crummy keep me from going to such a fun night out with some great couples.