Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week End

It has certainly been a fun filled weekend - which caused some serious bumming around today... but it was all so worth it.

Yesterday my cleaning lady, Christina, stopped me and told me that she had dreamed about me the night before... and I was pregnant in the dream. Wow... when she told me that... it was the first time that I've ever really thought that it might happen sometime in the not to far off future. John got a kick out of my retelling of the story... having a family is such a big dream for us... we can't wait!!

We spent our anniversary having dinner at the restaurant that we got engaged. It's this little Italian place called Cavatore's... and the best part is that they have this cute little guy that plays the piano and sings while everyone is dining. When we got engaged... he played the song from Titanic... which we still joke about to this day... he tried to play something romantic... but it somehow got lost when I realized that he was playing the song that they used in the movie during the boat sinking... the Celine Dion song... My Heart Will Go On - that's how we were serenaded during our engagement.

Last night he played That's Amore for us... which was really cute. John told him that we'd gotten engaged there, and that it was our 6th anniversary... so he was really sweet about it and announced that it was our anniversary.

Today we went to church, and the grocery store on the way home... since then - not much has happened around here - other than some napping, reading, and catching up on some recorded tv shows. I'm probably going to have to work overtime every day this week (and work Saturday too) - so I felt entitled to a little R&R today. I will probably feel the same way next Sunday too!!


  1. Aww, sounds like a great anniversary! And WOW on the pregnancy dream!!

  2. Hi Kim,
    WOW,you look great in your picture, you can really see the difference in only 3 months. Congrats on 6 years of marriage. These days that is a large percent. I read your blog, not only am I pulling for you that you stay healthy, but love your verse of the day. Hang in there!!!!!
    from the Dauphine twins great grandmother,
    Mamma Jean


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