Sunday, February 24, 2008

3 Month Photo


  1. wow and a half kim! You look so happy and healthy! I know not seeing the scale budge for periods at a time can be frustrating, but three months has made such a huge difference!

    Right now, I'm concerned about how much I can eat...I feel like I can eat more than I should. I try to gauge by, I had about five or six shrimp tonight with some steamed broccoli, which felt like SO much...but I guess compared to what I ate before, it really isn't.

    Do you ever feel like you can eat more than you should? I still haven't felt that "full" feeling either!

  2. What a big difference! How exciting!

  3. 46 lbs! Way to go girlfriend! Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow, Kim! I can so tell a huge difference! Your whole shape has changed!
    You look awesome!

  5. Lookin Good Girlie !! It's awesome to see the changes. Can you see them as well? I know you mentioned about WL patients not seeing it sometimes. I am not sure if I am seeing it in me, but I notice the clothes sizes going down. My 3 months is TODAY... I need to do some 3 mo pics. I will have to work on that this weekend. Congrats again, you look wonderful !


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