Sunday, February 17, 2008

Relatively Wordless

I'm so busy doing nothing today - that I thought I'd just post some pictures for your enjoyment.
This page is for one of my Aunts... one of my Mom's sisters.

This is for another Aunt, my Mom's other sister.

One of my two neices named Taylor.

My little brother, Josh, playing radio.

My oldest neice, Megan... I wonder what was so funny?!

My Dad & Megan opening their birthday gifts.

Another shot of Joshy... playing with something he found.

My little sister, Gabby, helping Megan open her presents.

My brother-in-law, Robert, having some trouble getting started on his skates.

Another of my neices, Brittany, helping Gabby skate.

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  1. Great photos, Kim! I would be on the floor like your brother in law as I'm a klutz!

    Your younger siblings are adorable!


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