Thursday, February 14, 2008

Unofficially Speaking

I passed that sucker!! When you take the computer based version of these exams - you leave with a printed unoffical talley of the number of correct questions you answered. I had to get 75% correct, and it looks like I nailed roughly 85%! WOO HOO!!

I'm spending the rest of my day relaxing, and watching some television with John... tomorrow we're heading in for my follow-up with my surgeon, and then I'm off to the spa for a pedicure and maybe something else... we'll have to see what I come up with... I'm definently in need of some R&R!!


  1. Congrats. That is so cool you found out so quickly. I waited WEEKS!

  2. Kim, that is such wonderful news! All your hard work paid off!

  3. You go girl !! GREAT JOB !! CONGRATS


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