Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bearing Crosses

On my way home tonight - I saw a man walking along the side of the freeway carrying a cross. Now, the cross did have wheels, but it was still a burden to carry... and all I can think about what he was doing - is that he must have been working with a mission group or church to make people think about Jesus as we are getting close to the end of the Easter season.

The thing that it made me think/feel tonight though was profoundly different than any other moment in my life. It struck me how focused on my own troubles and frustrations I am on a daily basis, and I'm not saying that I shouldn't work to improve my health... but in the grand scheme of things... is my cross such a hard burden to bear? No... not when people out there are so much less fortunate than I am.

I've been extremely blessed in my life... I've struggled with my weight over the years, but I've never had to want for anything - or go without because of money or anything like that... The struggle with my weight has been my cross to bear, but in the same light - God provided me the opportunity, angel (to pay for it until I can pay them back), and the strength/courage to go forward with this life changing surgery.

So, as we look forward to Easter, and the incredible gifts that we Christians were given in light of the ultimate sacrifice... lets remember that our lives aren't as bad as they might seem in the moment. I know it's something that it wouldn't hurt for me to remember a little more often.


  1. I like this post a lot, Kim. It's always good to remember that no matter what is going wrong in our lives, there are always people who are so much worse off. And even sadder, is the thought of the people who are struggling but don't know Christ. I can't imagine how that must feel.

  2. Seeing that cross had exactly the impact that man had hoped for! : )

    You're so right. It's an entirely self-focused thing, this losing weight and regaining health. But in the end, we get to share it with our families, our churches, and our communities. And most of all, our KIDS! Woot!

    We ARE truly blessed. I've realized that more and more in counseling. I see people who are SO torn with their issues. Me? I'm just showing up because I think I should. Praise God!


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