Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm feeling a little better today about things. I know that I was being irrational yesterday, but sometimes emotions take over all rational thought and you can't do anything other than ride it out.

Today's observations are:

1) The workout was better this morning - maybe I'm hitting a grove again. Or maybe there are normal ups and downs... days when you have to force yourself through it and days when it comes easier. Only time will tell.

2) The water seems to be working itself out - but seriously, it was dicey there for a while... I swear that my skin got worse before it seems to have cleared itself up. Last week - I was dealing with a splotchy mess, but all seems to have cleared out now. So maybe I've worked through dehydration, and am now starting to see some benefits from my new water intake regimine.

3) Still waiting to hear back from my PCP on the thyroid stuff. I got the blood work back from the endocrinologist, and faxed it with a letter over to my PCP's office - explaining why I didn't trust the crazy lady... and why I'd like for him to manage it and do the prescribing of medications for me. So hopefully he'll call this evening on my way home... I completely trust him, so maybe by tomorrow, I'll have some answers and be getting ready to start a regimine to get that under control as well.

Sorry for my verbal craziness yesterday, but it was a normal down day... I just have to ride them out and tomorrow is always better.