Sunday, March 9, 2008

Stalled Again

Well, this morning's weigh in didn't go well at all. I'm actually UP a pound?!? How does that happen to a WLS patient? This is getting ridiculous! I became an emotional basket-case... and I woke up this morning already feeling like a truck had hit me.

I don't know what's going on, but I seriously felt like what I can only describe as something similar to what a person with Fibromyalgia must feel like in the morning.

So I unfortunately didn't make it to church today with John... I just couldn't do it. So I'll listen to the podcast of the message for today a little later. I think John knew that it as best for me to just retreat for a day and lick my wounds in private.

It's so insane to me that I would gain a pound... I can't even begin to understand it. The only logical solution is that it has something to do with this whole thyroid thing... the endocrinologist called on Friday and wanted to just stick me on some medication... but I don't get the feeling that she understands or cares about what it means to be recovering from this surgery - so I'm thinking of getting the results from her bloodwork, and calling my PCP. I trust him, and I know that he'll put me on the right medications. It's also comforting to know that he knows enough to make sure that the meds will be safe for me to either swallow or he'll tell me differently.

I'll get on that tomorrow morning - so that hopefully we'll have it figured out in time to break through this craziness. Is it really to much to ask... to have a couple of weeks of consistent loss? I haven't experienced that since the first two weeks after my surgery. ARG!