Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Forward

So, I had every intention of writing a long blog for today, but this whole time change thing is already causing me to worry about dragging tomorrow morning. (as it does every year) This year however, we're helping out at our church with the set up team - the team that shows up at 8:30 to get the stage and everything ready for our 10AM service... so I need to be perky and ready to go MUCH earlier than I have in years past.

Today has been fairly busy - I started with my workout... which I pushed a lot harder today in hopes that I'd break through the dragging that I've been experiencing the last couple of days. Is it possible for your own body to sabotage your good progress?! I think mine is trying!! (traitor!)

Then I was off to my support group meeting at the hospital... we had lots of good info about eating out after WLS - I'll save the details for tomorrow - or possibly I'll put it on the collaborative blog instead.

This afternoon we attended a funeral for a really amazing guy... and family friend of John's family. (I never met him, but I really wish I had!) He was a great soldier, teacher, parent, husband, and friend... and there were so many tributes that the service went for an hour and a half before they left for the gravesite service. He was one of the retired high school principals in the small town that John is from, and the service was done in the gym... so there were roughly 600 people in attendance.

From there, we spent the rest of the day with John's parents. It feels like I haven't seen them in forever, so it was nice to catch up. We'll be seeing them again next week - as we'll be celebrating John's grandmother's 92nd birthday with his extended family. Today was just his parents and us mainly - so it was a nice quiet afternoon. His sister came by and brought our youngest neice, Brooklyn, for us to see. She's a real cutie!! I'll have to get some pictures of her next weekend!

That brings us up to now, and I'm headed off for bed... I guess it did end up being a decent post. We'll see in the morning what the scale has in order for me... lets all hope that week 2 of the workouts, and getting in all my water all of this week has made a positive difference for me!! I need a few steady weeks of losing!!

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  1. Know what you mean about dragging as I am doing that today! That whole daylight savings thing is annoying! Our service is at 8:15 but I have to be there by 7:30 to warm up with the praise team...too early, especially today!
    Sorry to hear about John's family friend passing away. By the number of people at the funeral, it sounds like he touched many a life!


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